Savings Loyalty System Based on MicroContributions from Retailers

PENSUMO aims to provide a significantly improved and socially conscious promotion mechanism that will be beneficial for all retailers, the general consumer and the entire society.

Through our platform, we provide any retailer with the possibility to adhere to our model and offer our savings scheme as a customer loyalty feature in their respective stores. By purchasing products or services in any of these stores, the consumer will automatically receive a fraction of the purchase amount back on its corresponding PENSUMO account, which will then be credited into its retirement fund in one of our large insurance partners (e.g. Allianz). The user only needs to sign up via our website or app, which is absolutely free of charge. Each purchase using the PENSUMO system will automatically add successive micro-contributions to your existing PENSUMO account. PENSUMO users will also be able to contribute to their funds by participating in civic responsibility campaigns.

Last Events

P&G and Partners Corporate Day 2019

Pensumo was present their business cases and taking part in one-on-one business meetings with representatives from some of the leading Corporates in Europe. This was the second edition of the multi-corporate event promoted by the EIC pilot together with P&G, following a successful 2018 edition where 100 SMEs pitched their innovation to 8 large corporates

Award received from the Spanish Government

Today, Pensumo receives recognition from the Ministry as one of the companies that promotes good practices in terms of CSR detected in the European Union, within the great project developed by FORETICA.

Lanzate award

Pensumo has received the award LÁNZATE in Collaborative Economics delivered by the Minister MARIA REYES MAROTO ILLERA, with the CEOs of the technology companies: Orange, IBM, Sony, ING, Ericsson … LAZZATE is a great program for generating synergies and business, an example to follow.

Debate to analyze the future of pensions

José Luis Orós was present at the debate held in Madrid to analyze the future of pensions, along with other members of startups and insurers, involved in finding solutions for this European problem. Pensions, as we know them, will disappear. This is one of the main conclusions of the round table that took place in