Certificate achievement of the objectives

After two years of hard work, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), of the European Commission, has certified the achievement of the objectives of our project 766521. Thank you for the delivery and dedication of the entire team. We keep working!

Pensumo join to the campaign #aliadosdelosODS

Pensumo join to the campaign #aliadosdelosODS Sponsored by the Spanish web of Mundial Pact.  – The aim of the campaign is to act as a loudspeaker in order to achieve a multiplier effect and for the Agenda 2030 to be known and worked on. – Corporate management based on ODS creates new business opportunities, improves

Presentation of the book “Pension plans for consumption and the future of the pensions”

Pensumo, pioneer fintech in Spain in offering a system of personal savings for retirement through consumption, it has today presented some formulas to address the crisis of the pension system: a sustained and concerted action of all individuals through consumption In this sense, José Luís Orós, CEO and founder of Pensumo, explained during the presentation

New actions for recycling

Pensumo has launched together with the company El Rincón a recycling awareness campaign to prevent plastics from reaching the seas.The partners find in the Pensumo system an effective tool to approach their clients in a less commercial and social way. Radio news Gallery

P&G and Partners Corporate Day 2019

Pensumo was present their business cases and taking part in one-on-one business meetings with representatives from some of the leading Corporates in Europe. This was the second edition of the multi-corporate event promoted by the EIC pilot together with P&G, following a successful 2018 edition where 100 SMEs pitched their innovation to 8 large corporates

Startup Olé Salamanca

Startup Olé is one of the biggest tech-entrepreneurial events in Europe. The support of the European Commission-Startup Europe, the Central American Integration System (SICA), the University of Salamanca and Salamanca City Councyl and the fact that it is a free conference have turned Startup Olé into a benchmark event and a driver of the democratization

Award received from the Spanish Government

Today, Pensumo receives recognition from the Ministry as one of the companies that promotes good practices in terms of CSR detected in the European Union, within the great project developed by FORETICA.

Lanzate award

Pensumo has received the award LÁNZATE in Collaborative Economics delivered by the Minister MARIA REYES MAROTO ILLERA, with the CEOs of the technology companies: Orange, IBM, Sony, ING, Ericsson … LAZZATE is a great program for generating synergies and business, an example to follow.

Debate to analyze the future of pensions

José Luis Orós was present at the debate held in Madrid to analyze the future of pensions, along with other members of startups and insurers, involved in finding solutions for this European problem. Pensions, as we know them, will disappear. This is one of the main conclusions of the round table that took place in

Cafe Ole at CIEM

Pensumo has given a talk to the entrepreneurs of the CIEM building about Pensumo, their current business routes and the effect of Horizon2020 on the project. There, the dynamics of the microsavings concept and the impact that it has on citizens has been explained, an example of which with small recurring gestures it is possible