The Consumption Pension is making its way through Spain through Pensumo and its participation in the Spanish financial Sandbox. In addition to the contribution of great experts on the subject such as José Antonio Herce and other entities that are pioneering the subject such as Ibercaja. However, the Consumption Pension is also expanding in other

The social benefit of the Consumption Pension

-The portal of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions of Spain, publishes the document of conclusions regarding the tests carried out in the I Financial Sandbox of the Ministry of Economy of Spain with the project “Pension for Consumption”, presented by the SME Pensumo and Ibercaja Banco -The final report of the DGSFP states:

Pensumo among the 30 most sustainable fintech in the world

Green Digital Finance Alliance and the Swiss Green Fintech Network have worked on the “Green Fintech Classification”, a global selection of the 30 #fintech companies on the planet that work best on sustainability. Pensumo is among them, It is noteworthy that the only Spanish SME on this list of innovation in sustainability is Pensumo. There


Pensumo puts verified and tokenized recycling for sale through its “Recicla y Suma” Platform, which is carried out by its large activist community in Spain. A flow of Citizen Energy available to the most responsible corporations and companies to incorporate in their Report and Results. The implementation of ODS certified by a Trusted Third Party.

Pensumo in a Chinese article from Financial Industry – Zero Touch. New digital financial services.

Pensumo has appeared in an article: Financial industry -Digital edition «Zero-touch» transformation of financial services. Published on November 10, 2022. It shows several examples of new disruptive digital services in finance. Among them is Pensumo. Paragraph of the translated article: «Regarding social well-being, we can find the Spanish start-up Pensumo (word composed of Pension +

Pensumo and Ibercaja are presented to Co-emprendedor 2022

Incorporate the consumption pension into the insurance and pension regulations Case of open innovation of the B2B ecosystem of the Fundación Empresa y Sociedad selected for its YouTube channel. These are cases in which scaleupsB2B participate, which are alternative providers of digital solutions for companies. Finalist of the COMPRENDEDOR Awards 2022 (LONGEVITY modality) Presented

Testing the new APP

Ibercaja and Pensumo carry out tests to test the “Consumption Pension System”, the APP that they are developing in the financial sandbox. – Las pruebas piloto, tras la firma del Protocolo con la Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones, se llevan a cabo en dos fases, con la participación de 500 usuarios que

RECICLA in the BBVA sustainability report “The city of 2050”

The Recicla y Suma de Pensumo project appears in the BBVA sustainability report “The city of 2050” as one of the benchmark projects in Spain in the Recycling incentive system. It appears on page 42 of said document: “Also the PENSUMO initiative, an APP that encourages recycling with an interesting proposal: “You recycle, we pay”.