Timeline Events

This timeline shows events and actions accomplished in chronological order. A nice view about the tasks of Pensumo Team across the weeks.

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    Pensumo puts verified and tokenized recycling for sale through its “Recicla y Suma” Platform, which is carried out by its large activist community in Spain. A flow of Citizen Energy available to the most responsible corporations and companies to incorporate in their Report and Results. The implementation of ODS certified by a Trusted Third Party.
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    Pensumo in a Chinese article from Financial Industry – Zero Touch. New digital financial services.

    Pensumo has appeared in an article: Financial industry -Digital edition «Zero-touch» transformation of financial services. Published on November 10, 2022. It shows several examples of new disruptive digital services in finance. Among them is Pensumo. Paragraph of the translated article: «Regarding social well-being, we can find the Spanish start-up Pensumo (word composed of Pension +
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    Pensumo and Ibercaja are presented to Co-emprendedor 2022

    Incorporate the consumption pension into the insurance and pension regulations Case of open innovation of the B2B ecosystem of the Fundación Empresa y Sociedad selected for its YouTube channel. These are cases in which scaleupsB2B participate, which are alternative providers of digital solutions for companies. Finalist of the COMPRENDEDOR Awards 2022 (LONGEVITY modality) https://noticias.empresaysociedad.org/empresa/casos-finalistas-comprendedor-2022 Presented
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    The Ministry of Industry recognizes Pensumo for its contributions to the management of retail trade

    The company Pensumo Loyalty Platform has achieved a new recognition, in this case from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain through the IV Contest of Technological Ideas for Retail Trade, for its contributions to the management of the dual channel in retail. The initiative “Bono de Pensumo” presented by
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    Testing the new APP

    Ibercaja and Pensumo carry out tests to test the “Consumption Pension System”, the APP that they are developing in the financial sandbox. – Las pruebas piloto, tras la firma del Protocolo con la Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones, se llevan a cabo en dos fases, con la participación de 500 usuarios que
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    RECICLA in the BBVA sustainability report "The city of 2050"

    The Recicla y Suma de Pensumo project appears in the BBVA sustainability report “The city of 2050” as one of the benchmark projects in Spain in the Recycling incentive system. It appears on page 42 of said document: “Also the PENSUMO initiative, an APP that encourages recycling with an interesting proposal: “You recycle, we pay”.
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    RECICLA granted by Zaragoza Dinámica

    The Recicla project has been granted by Zaragoza Dinámica within the  program for Projects that favor the Transition towards a Circular and Social Economy. From now on you will be able to see the thank you message from Zaragoza Dinámica every time you recycle certain types of waste from our APP. Download our APP and
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    Ibercaja experiences the uses of the Pensumo platform, which allows saving for retirement through consumption

    Ibercaja, the fintech Pensumo, and the General Secretariat of the Treasury and International Financing and the General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions, -both attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation-, have signed the protocol to start the trial period of the platform ‘Consumption Pension System’, which links user purchases with retirement savings.
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    PENSUMO with its project RECYCLE is one of the #101ExamplesPorelClima 2021

    In this edition, almost 190 applications have been received, of which a total only 101 have been chosen. The set of 101 business actions selected stand out for the innovation and originality of the proposal, the rigor and detail of the quantification, the potential for social mobilization, or for their ambitious projection of decarbonisation on
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    Pensumo en Zaragoza, the indoor ‘smart city’ that gives wings to ‘startups’

    Pensumo appears in this BBVA article as an example of one of the most representative startups in Zaragoza. Noting us as one of the most successful companies inside and outside of Spain. There are also relevant initiatives in the ‘fintech’ and ‘insurtech’ field, such as Pensumo. The vision of this ‘startup’ stems from an apparent
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    Pensumo winner of the IV ABB Ability Digital Award in Entrepreneur Category with the project “Recycle and add”.

    – Pensumo has generated through its APP, which economically rewards citizen recycling, a very active community of recyclers. – The ABB Awards aim to recognize the work of organizations that are betting on digital transformation projects with an impact on society through efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability – The winners in the rest of the categories
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    Pensumo finalist in the ABB Ability ™ Digital Awards

    On November 29 ABB will recognize the best practices in Digitization in the fourth edition of the ABB Ability ™ Digital Awards. • The event, organized together with the Sustainability Excellence Club, will take place in person at La Casa Encendida in Madrid and will be broadcast via streaming • The awards ceremony will be
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    Pensumo en VII Jornada de Planes de Pensiones

    Escrivá: THE MAXIMUM PENSION WILL RAISE THE SAME AS THE HIGHEST QUOTATION BASES RAISE. On November 19, 2021 at 9.30 AM in Madrid, Ibercaja held the VII Conference on Pension Plans. In which the Minister Escrivá and great representatives in the field of Pensions such as Víctor Iglesias intervened. CEO of Ibercaja Banco, Ángel Martínez
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    Pensumo at XVIII FIAP International in Madrid

    Pensumo was present on October 28, 2021 at the Westen Palace in Madrid, with the representation of José Luis Orós Pineda as a speaker at the XVIII FIAP International where he spoke about The pension through consumption applied today. FIAP is the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators, FIAP, it is an international entity, established
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    4th Edition Aragonese Award for Social Entrepreneurship Aragón

    On September 28 at 5:30 p.m. at the Pignatelli Building in Zaragoza. José Luis Orós represented Pensumo at the round table in the event “IV Edition Aragonese Prize for Social Entrepreneurship Aragón” along with other examples of Aragonese SMEs that have previously won this award: Kairós and Mapiser. “Social entrepreneurs take another step forward in
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    10K El Pilar - PENSUMO (III Savings Race)

    The traditional Carrera del Pilar turns 25 (24 editions after the forced stop in 2020). On this occasion Pensumo had the honor of sponsoring together with Zoilo Ríos, who joined the project with the Olimpo club, which has been the organizer since its first edition in 1997. It took place on October 3 at 9:30
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    Pensumo at the XVIII FIAP International Seminar

    Durante el seminario se analizarán las reformas a los sistemas de pensiones que se están llevando a cabo o que se están tramitando en América Latina y Europa, y su contribución al cumplimiento del objetivo primordial de estos sistemas, es decir, otorgar pensiones adecuadas a los trabajadores. También abordará los desafíos que plantea el contexto
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    Pensumo in the Innovation Week in Republica Dominicana

    El CEO Jose Luis Orós de Pensumo participó en la Semana de la Innovación invitado por AFP Crecer RD a este evento en Santo Domingo del 9 al 11 de junio de 2021. Participando como ponente y exponiendo Pensumo como referente en Pensiones de Consumo.
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    Pensumo is the front page of the Financial Newspaper of Chile

    Today is the cover of the Financial Newspaper of Chile the Pension for Consumption or as they have begun to call it there: Quotation for Consumption. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsXmZAMCQBk  
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    Pensumo as example saving through consumption platform

    Seda Peksevim´s guest column titled: ‘Auto-enrolment: Not a lifeboat for EM countries’ has been published in the May/June issue of the European Pensions. In this short article, She try to answer ‘Why auto-enrolment- a behavioral success story-does not work in EM pension systems?’ Given a large number of opt-outs in auto-enrolment systems, it seems that
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    Pensumo get into the Spanish Financial Sandbox

    Original source: https://thecorner.eu/in-spain/spain-economy/18-projects-to-launch-the-spanish-sandbox/95734/ Of the 67 projects submitted in the first call for proposals for the Spanish sandbox – the testing ground for financial innovation – 18, one in four, have received the green light. Spain wants to promote the digital transformation of the financial system with a testing environment, allowing trials to be carried
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    Pensumo presents the Pension for Consumption to the Sandbox

    Ibercaja Press Release 4/9/2021 -Saving for retirement constitutes one of the main challenges for Spanish society due to the growing longevity of the population -The Pension System for Consumption project, developed jointly by the fintech Pensumo and Ibercaja, makes it possible to connect savings with consumption, in a behavioral way, and redirect the economic flows
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    PENSUMO como ejemplo en China

    Blog post http://www.scicat.cn/new/20190115/209147.html (January 2019) Translation from Mandarin Chinese to English It is worthwhile for Chinese companiesto learn about innovation from Europe and America about  caring for the elderly! According to data from “World Population Prospects: 2017 Revised Edition”,  published by the United Nations, Europe willhave the highest proportion of people 60 years of age
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    Pensumo receive the UN´s award ODS8

    The Aragonese startup Pensumo, creator of the new economic model of the “Pension for Consumption”, obtained last night the ODS 8 Recognition, one of the national awards organized and managed by the Spanish Network of the Global Compact in collaboration with the Rafael del Pino Foundation, which in this way supports those innovative proposals that
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    CCTV with Pensumo

    Throughout this week, a team from Chinese CCTV producing the series of reports “The era of Longevity” has accompanied the Aragonese startup Pensumo in its daily activity. They started in Madrid at a forum of pension experts in which the founder of the José Luis Orós Company on “What will the pensions of the future
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    Pensumo awarded by the European Commission's EU-GIVE programme on Collaborative Economy

    The Spanish project PENSUMO, which was selected by CEOE and has competed in Brussels with 15 projects from 12 different European countries, has been one of the three awarded by the European Commission’s EU-GIVE programme on Collaborative Economy. Its model is based on encouraging consumers with pension contributions both for purchases and for recycling. On
  • business-seminar-1024x683.jpg

    The five ideas to improve pensions in press

    One of the main challenges facing the Spanish economy and society is to solve the problem of pensions, in a country with an increasingly aging population. Experts highlight several solutions that legislators should consider if they want to solve the problem. “A supplement for consumption” is one of proposed solutions by Pensumo, named in the
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    II Carrera del Ahorro

    On 27/10/2018 the II Carrera del Ahorro organized by Pensumo in Zaragoza (Spain) took place in the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta at 10h. The participants doubled and two more races were incorporated, one for children (6 to 12 years old) from 1k and another for the youngest (6 to 3 years old) from 0.1k.
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    Certificate achievement of the objectives

    After two years of hard work, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), of the European Commission, has certified the achievement of the objectives of our project 766521. Thank you for the delivery and dedication of the entire team. We keep working!
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    Pensumo join to the campaign #aliadosdelosODS

    Pensumo join to the campaign #aliadosdelosODS Sponsored by the Spanish web of Mundial Pact.  – The aim of the campaign is to act as a loudspeaker in order to achieve a multiplier effect and for the Agenda 2030 to be known and worked on. – Corporate management based on ODS creates new business opportunities, improves
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    Presentation of the book "Pension plans for consumption and the future of the pensions"

    Pensumo, pioneer fintech in Spain in offering a system of personal savings for retirement through consumption, it has today presented some formulas to address the crisis of the pension system: a sustained and concerted action of all individuals through consumption In this sense, José Luís Orós, CEO and founder of Pensumo, explained during the presentation
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    New actions for recycling

    Pensumo has launched together with the company El Rincón a recycling awareness campaign to prevent plastics from reaching the seas.The partners find in the Pensumo system an effective tool to approach their clients in a less commercial and social way. Radio news Gallery
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    P&G and Partners Corporate Day 2019

    Pensumo was present their business cases and taking part in one-on-one business meetings with representatives from some of the leading Corporates in Europe. This was the second edition of the multi-corporate event promoted by the EIC pilot together with P&G, following a successful 2018 edition where 100 SMEs pitched their innovation to 8 large corporates
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    Startup Olé Salamanca

    Startup Olé is one of the biggest tech-entrepreneurial events in Europe. The support of the European Commission-Startup Europe, the Central American Integration System (SICA), the University of Salamanca and Salamanca City Councyl and the fact that it is a free conference have turned Startup Olé into a benchmark event and a driver of the democratization
  • CONVOCATORIA-2018-2-1200x675-1024x576.jpg

    Award received from the Spanish Government

    Today, Pensumo receives recognition from the Ministry as one of the companies that promotes good practices in terms of CSR detected in the European Union, within the great project developed by FORETICA.
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    Lanzate award

    Pensumo has received the award LÁNZATE in Collaborative Economics delivered by the Minister MARIA REYES MAROTO ILLERA, with the CEOs of the technology companies: Orange, IBM, Sony, ING, Ericsson … LAZZATE is a great program for generating synergies and business, an example to follow.
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    Debate to analyze the future of pensions

    José Luis Orós was present at the debate held in Madrid to analyze the future of pensions, along with other members of startups and insurers, involved in finding solutions for this European problem. Pensions, as we know them, will disappear. This is one of the main conclusions of the round table that took place in
  • 6106947_1-1024x684.jpg

    Cafe Ole at CIEM

    Pensumo has given a talk to the entrepreneurs of the CIEM building about Pensumo, their current business routes and the effect of Horizon2020 on the project. There, the dynamics of the microsavings concept and the impact that it has on citizens has been explained, an example of which with small recurring gestures it is possible
  • pensumo_atresmedia-1024x872.jpg

    Meeting with AtresMedia CEO

    Today Jose Luis Orós (CEO of Pensumo) and Silvio González (CEO of AtresMedia) met during the rounds of contacts that the “Lánzate” program has launched for the winners.
  • pensumo-ganador-lanzate-1024x682.jpg

    Pensumo, one of the 6 winners of the "Lánzate" program

    In this second edition of “Lánzate” “a total of 128 projects have been submitted, which represents an increase of 42% in participation compared to the previous edition. 6 companies have been the winners, and during the next 2 months they will maintain contacts with the directors of important international companies such as ING, Orange, Ericsson,
  • jloros-2018-featured.jpg

    3 chiefs of 2018

    Fráncisco González (BBVA), José Luís Orós (Pensumo) and Roger Narvasa (Inditex) have been featured in the economic supplement of the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón for the achievements in their respective economic sectors in 2018.
  • fotonoticia_20181226164955_640.jpg

    Pensumo in Europa Press

    Pensumo has appeared in the Europa Press media as a startup supported by the European Commission’s H2020 Program and postulated as an alternative to bank pension plans and a free complement to the public pension. Link: https://www.europapress.es/comunicados/sociedad-00909/noticia-comunicado-pension-consumo-alternativa-planes-pensiones-privados-20181226164955.html
  • DSF7921_1-1024x682.jpg

    Pensumo receives the RSA seal of social responsibility

    The pensumo team attended the event held in the auditorium of Zaragoza to receive in person the social responsibility seal of Aragon 2019.
  • lanzate_1.jpg

    Pensumo, finalist of the second edition of "Lánzate" program

    The jury of the free program of impulse to entrepreneurs “Lánzate” has announced the 20 finalist projects of its second edition, and Pensumo has been selected as one of them. This initiative, promoted by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and Orange, aims to identify promising business ideas in the environment of the new global
  • personaje-social-2018-1024x724.jpg

    CEO of Pensumo finalist of the Awards 'Social Person of the Year 2018'

    José Luis Orós, CEO of Pensumo, has been a finalist of the ‘Social Person of the Year 2018’ awards for ‘Compromiso Empresarial’ “for creating an innovative system of personal savings through purchases that serves as a complement to the retirement pension” .
  • llenar-la-hucha-mientras-se-toma-un-cafe.jpg

    Compared savings solutions in El País

    An article comparing various savings solutions has appeared in the supplement “5 days” of the newspaper “El País”. Here, Pensumo appears as an innovative form of savings adapted to any type of social spectrum. Link: https://cincodias.elpais.com/cincodias/2018/12/11/midinero/1544543944_330833.html
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    Pensumo in Zoom Net

    Pensumo has appeared on the “Zoom NET” program of the Spanish national television network RTVE, on the occasion of the award given by El Español as the best start-up for its concept of “pension for consumption”.
  • postes-mockup-1024x683.jpg

    Heraldo talks about Pensumo recycle campaign

    A new article has appeared in the Heraldo de Aragón newspaper about the “La Almozara Recicla” campaign, in which citizens are rewarded for recycling.
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    Digital Transformation Boot Camp

    Linking with Silicon Valley Companies, the attendees to the event can work about: What are the new digital technologies that are taking over the world today?  How new digital technologies can impact your business How to implement new technologies within your business How to transform your business. This 3-Day Digital Transformation Bootcamp Program includes practical
  • economista.jpg

    El Economista talks with Jose Luis Orós

    “We are not an alternative to the pension system but a complement”. These are the words of the CEO of Pensumo talking about the operation of the system of savings for consumption in the Spanish newspaper El Economista.
  • pensumo-retail-congress-2018_09-1024x682.jpg

    Meeting with the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain

    The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain, Reyes Maroto, has participated this Wednesday in the fourth edition of the Madrid Retail Congress, but not before making a stop at the stand of Pensumo. The event is dedicated to retail that currently represents 12.2% of GDP in Spain. Pensumo is an innovated solution to
  • fabrica_de_ideas-1024x576.jpg

    Pensumo in "Fabrica de Ideas" tv show

    Pensumo was one of the featured companies at the “Fábrica de ideas” tv show. Example of innovation and entrepreneurship, Pensumo reflects the ideals of a company that has evolved from a simple concept to become a reality capable of changing the future of people.
  • best-startup-award-4-1024x768.jpg

    Pensumo wins best Start-up prize in the II Digital Edition Awards by El Español

    The media group El Español has awarded Pensumo as the best start-up award in the second edition of its Digital Awards. Pensumo has shared the stage with brands such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, Continental or T-Systems that have also won prizes in their respective categories. The concept has been what most liked the jury that have
  • cartel-senior-1024x753.jpg

    New pilot project for recycle

    The pilot incentive project for recycling is already active in Zaragoza. Pensumo is working on a population of 20,000 citizens to implement a model that increases the recycling of plastic and aluminum with contributions to the pension.
  • pensumo_civitia2018_10.41.39-1024x768.jpg

    Civitia 2018

    Today Pensumo has been present at the Civitia 2018 event, together with ITAINNOVA, attending the talk given by Ana García (general secretary of BDVA) about the challenges of the Horizon2020.  
  • Electronic-Participatory-Meeting.jpg

    Pensumo in the CEOE electronic debate about collaborative economy

    The Confederation of Employers of Aragon (CEOE) will organize a debate in which Pensumo will participate contributing its experience in the world of the collaborative economy together with other companies and institutions, both public and private.
  • 2018-10-28_11-14-56_DSF7499-1024x683.jpg

    Success of the I Carrera del Ahorro (I Saving Race)

    Yesterday, the saving race was celebrated with a great success of participation. More than 100 people joined in the 5-kilometer race that rewarded riders for the kilometers they were running.  
  • WhatsApp-Image-2018-10-16-at-12.00.16-1024x768.jpeg

    Pensumo in Bilbao B-Venture

    B-Venture is a reference space for entrepreneurship in the north of Spain. In it’s third edition, Pensumo has participated showing it’s international project.
  • dispositivo-pensumo-1024x683.jpg

    Testing Pensumo QR device

    Pensumo begins the tests of the incentive device for QR recognition that will be implemented in shops and other featured places to reward users for their actions and consumption.
  • pensumo-eleconomista-1024x683.jpg

    New communication actions

    Pensumo has always developed an intense communication campaign in Spanish media to publicize the project and its social benefits. Today, Jose Luis Orós has given several interviews to talk about the novelties of the project and about “I Carrera del Ahorro Pensumo”.
  • efeemprende-1024x684.jpg

    Carrera del Ahorro in EFE

    EFEemprende, the portal on innovative news in the economic and professional sector of the Spanish news agency, has included an article on the Carrera del Ahorro Pensumo (Pensumo Savings Race). Original link: https://www.efeemprende.com/noticia/pensumo-carrera-del-ahorro/
  • radio-pensumo-carrera-del-ahorro-1024x682.jpg

    Interview in "Tiempo Real" radio show

    Interview with José Luis Orós, founder and director of Pensumo, about the savings and sports initiative that has started with the I Carrera del Ahorro Pensumo: run and save to a Saving Plan in the first fintech race.
  • pensumo-forbes-pensiones-jose_luis_oros-1024x768.jpg

    Forbes is focusing on Pensumo

    José Luis Orós has been invited to participate in the Forbes España radio channel to talk about Pensumo and its impact on the future of pensions.
  • DSF7258-1024x683.jpg

    Interview with RTVE

    This morning, a team from RTVE’s show “Factoría de Ideas” has been recording an interview about  Pensumo in our old CIEM building facilities.
  • eu4-1024x768.jpg

    Pensumo has participate in StartUp Europe

    This week, Pensumo has participate in StartUp Europe, the Europe Commission initiative part of Digital Single Market. This event has laid the foundations to face the new European challenges, which can connect ecosystems within Europe or between Europe and countries in other continents.
  • pensumo-stock-exchange-987x1024.jpg

    Interview in the Spanish Stock Exchange

    José Luis Orós, CEO of Pensumo, has granted an interview for the news agency EFE on the Madrid stock exchange.
  • spot1.jpg

    "I Carrera del ahorro" Spot 1

    Pensumo has release a 20 seconds spot of the “I Carrera del ahorro”.
  • web-carrera.jpg

    Carrera del Ahorro website

    The website for Carrera del Ahorro is just launched. This site give you information about the event and it let’s you to register in. “I Carrera del Ahorro Pensumo” is the first event without fixed location that allows citizens save money for their retirement. All kilometers runned  by users are transformed to money for their
  • DSF4012_1-1024x682.jpg

    Save It congress final results

  • economista.jpg

    Pensumo is named as one of the savings solutions for citizens

    Pensumo is named as one of the savings solutions for citizens in the El Economista newspaper. The Spanish media analyze the impact of technology to generate savings in Spanish households. The appearance of Pensumo as a system to complement the retirement pension is increasingly recurrent. Link: http://www.eleconomista.es/mercados-cotizaciones/noticias/9301458/07/18/La-cartera-pide-una-puesta-a-punto-en-los-meses-de-verano.html
  • DSF1412_1-1024x428.jpg

    Pensumo in Hiberus Ecosystem Lab

    The technological company Hiberus, based in Zaragoza, has included us in its space ECOSYSTEM LAB as a company with an important ICT value. Making of:
  • otras-formas-de-jubilacion.png

    Other ways to save for retirement

    Pensumo has appeared in the economic supplement 5 days of the newspaper El País, as an APP that favors savings for retirement. Link: cincodias.elpais.com
  • radio-capital.jpg

    Pensumo in Capital Radio

    Start ups, entrepreneurs, funding rounds, ideas, talent … how has the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem changed in recent years? Was there a bubble of entrepreneurship? Talking about this in the second edition of the Day of the Company, with José Luis Oros, creator of Pensumo; Martín Huete, CEO and co-founder of Finizens; Antonio Jiménez de Córdoba,
  • 6106678-1024x684.jpg

    Presentation "Pedaleamos por Miguel"

    Pensumo has the ability to mobilize people thanks to its system of bonus challenges. This system allows you to convert specific actions into everyday ones thanks to the saving effect they achieve. For this reason, we encourage solidarity actions and, together with the ASDES organization, we have launched the challenge “Pedaleamos por Miguel” (Cycling for
  • ecosystemlab.jpg

    New location

    Pensumo has moved its central offices to a new location within the Hiberus Ecosystem building. From here, Pensumo will generate synergies with other technology-based companies to expand its implementation capacity within Spanish society.
  • SELLOPYME2018-600x600-8bits.png

    RSA Label

    Pensumo has achieved the seal of Social Responsibility of Aragon (RSA), awarded by the Government of Aragon, together with CEOE Aragón, Cepyme Aragón, UGT Aragón and CC.OO Aragón. Its objective is to promote Corporate Social Responsibility so that they implement and apply socially responsible practices.
  • 20180531-Forum-PSE-BBVA-1024x683.jpg

    Pensumo at the IX Forum of Collective Forecast

    Pensumo has participated in the IX Forum of Collective Forecast with a presentation on the innovation of business models in the insurance sector. Jose Luis Orós has made special emphasis on linking current society with technology and how insurance companies should adapt.
  • green-friday.jpg

    Pensumo invites you to buy responsibly with the 'GreenFriday Challenge'

    The GreenFriday Challenge is articulated as an innovative project, which joins other efforts to promote responsible consumption, mobilizing the participation of small and medium enterprises in which its entire range of products is green, together with large companies, with a large share of market, in which its ‘green offer’ advances every day. The sum of
  • moneda-unica-1024x683.jpg

    Pensumo in Moneda Unica magazine

    In the report that the Moneda Única magazine has done in its number 166 about the Imex fair, the round table on Digital Transformation in which Pensumo participated actively has been highlighted.
  • pyme-innovadora-1024x683.jpg

    Pensumo gets the INNOVATE SME label

    Pensumo has achieved the Innovate SME label granted by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain. This recognition of the work carried out in the field of innovation in the social field entails a series of tax advantages that will allow us to allocate more resources to the project.  
  • ceoe-igualdad-1024x683.jpg

    Equality plan at work

    This week, Alicia Orós has obtained the certification of the course “The application of an equality plan in my company” aimed at laying the foundations of an application responsible for the equality criteria in the workplace of Pensumo.  
  • alex-1024x680.jpg

    Alex: new team member

    Alejandro Ibarz joins the team as junior programmer. With this new incorporation, we increase the value of our R & D department and accelerate the exclusive developments for our clients.
  • networking-man-and-woman.jpg

    Pensumo starts a program of advice and training in matters of labor equality

    Fifteen companies and entities have started a training and specialized advisory itinerary in the field of labor equality with the Confederation of Employers of Aragon (CEOE Aragón) until the end of May. This is the first call of 2018, corresponding to actions to promote plans and measures on equal terms in the companies that the
  • el-economista-pensumo1.jpg

    El Economista insurtech article

    Pensumo has appeared in the insurance magazine of “El Economista” as an innovative insurtech solution so that younger generations can save. The article emphasizes the need for insurance companies to seek new savings formulas that complement traditional ones. Link: PDF (original Spanish version)
  • DYzd2Y4XcAA8Glk_1.jpg

    Forum Insurtech by El Español

    Pensumo has been present at the first ‘Insurtech Forum: The great opportunity for the insurance sector’ organized by the newspaper EL ESPAÑOL with Deloitte, Mutua Madrileña, T-Systems and SENSEDI – Best Tecnologies fot Building. This event aimed to make visible the figure of technology in the insurance business, insisting on the need to take a
  • 6106080_1-1024x683.jpg

    Save It Congress

    Save IT is the first congress organized by a Spanish startup, Pensumo. Thousands of retired people are taking to the streets in Spain to claim their right to a decent pension. In this context, agents from different fronts met last week at the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid to share innovation alternatives in savings
  • pensumo-radio-car-1024x682.jpg

    Pensumo in Canal Emprendedor radio show

    Participation of José Luis Orós in the Weekend Entrepreneur Channel (11-03-2018) of Aragón Radio on the occasion of the awarding of the 1st Aragonés Prize for Social Entrepreneurship to Pensumo, considered as the best consolidated company.
  • aral-768x1024.jpg

    Pensumo in Aral magazine

  • innovateUK.jpg

    Innovate UK Pitching Event

    Pensumo has participated in the Fintech/Insurtech/Blockchain Pitching Event in the first edition of the European Innovation Council SME Instrument. In this event, Innovate UK drives productivity and growth by supporting businesses to realise the potential of new technologies, develop ideas and make them a commercial success.
  • pensumo-premio_02.jpg

    Pensumo awarded as "Best social enterprise"

    Pensumo has been awarded as best social enterprise in the 1st Aragonese Award for Social Entrepreneurship, promoted by the Department of Economy, Industry and Employment, through the Aragonese Institute of Development (IAF), with the collaboration of Laboral Kutxa.
  • nueva-app-1024x683.jpg

    App updated for Android

    The Google Play Store is the first platform on which the new version of the PENSUMO application is available. This update v2.0.1 incorporates security improvements in the components, changes in some design elements and new access to online shopping benefits. New functionalities will be added gradually in advance, before the release of version 3.0. The
  • DWAto4gXcAEqc92_1-1024x695.jpg

    Pensumo in IMEX 2018

    The IMEX-Madrid International Business Fair has closed its 16th edition with the visit of more than 3,100 professionals. The number of “One To One” interviews has increased over the previous year. In addition, exhibitors have highlighted the high quality of conferences and speakers. Jose Luis Orós, CEO of Pensumo, has spoken at the round table
  • save_it.jpg

    Save IT congress website

    Save IT, the 1st Congress of Innovation in Savings in Spain, will present the ideas that come to focus the paradigm of traditional banking and financial products, with special emphasis in this edition in the field of pension plans. The new website contains  all information about schedule, partners, speakers and registration. Save IT website
  • pensumo-sme-bruselas.jpg

    Pensumo at the #WelcomeDay

    Today Pensumo is in Brussels, at #WelcomeDay: meeting of CEOs of projects included in the second phase of the Horizon 2020.
  • pensumo-radio-1024x768.jpg

    Pensumo in 1mysolution radio show

    Nacho Forastieri explains in the radio program 1mysolution how the Pensumo platform works and its advantages for businesses, shops and consumers.
  • amex.png

    Pensumo will participate in IMEX 2018

    Pensumo will participate in the round table the digital transformation of companies for success in internationalization. In this table will participate important companies and organizations related with the Big Data, digital transformation, social networks, etc.
  • pension-china-1024x640.jpg

    Analysis of the Chinese model of pension for consumption

  • csr-economics-zaragoza-university.jpg

    Explaining Pensumo at University of Zaragoza

    Yesterday, the project Pensumo was presented to the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Zaragoza, within the Master of CSR taught by Professor Juan Royo Abenia. An event designed to show the advantages of Pensumo as a tool of social responsibility for companies.
  • pensumo-mexico-seminario-ahorro-1024x768.jpg

    Pensumo in the "Third International Seminar on Voluntary Savings" in Mexico

    The CONSAR, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), held the Third International Seminar on Voluntary Savings. On this occasion, the Seminar dealt with how the use of new technologies can enhance Voluntary Savings. The Spanish project Pensumo will also participate in the Seminar, which promotes its innovative project to increase the pension through
  • pensumo-en-la-prensa-latinoamericana-1024x682.jpg

    Pensumo in the Mexican press

    The Mexican press talks about Pensumo and its business model. The project is very well valued in Latin America. An agreement reached between CONSAR and Pensumo stands out to implement a savings system based on consumption and free micro-contributions based on responsible actions that allow the entire population to obtain supplements for retirement.
  • big-data-pensumo-1024x601.jpg

    Big Data development

    PENSUMO and ITAINNOVA aims to facilitate and automate the measurement through personal smartphone, purchases and other consumer activities. Also, determine, through the treatment of the data that is generated, the predictive behaviors of the consumer. And, the third objective is that, according to the above, reward consumers with contributions for their future savings (retirement).
  • agua-bid.jpg

    Contacts with Inter-American Development Bank

    The Inter-American Development Bank has contacted Pensumo to learn about its pension system for consumption and analyze its possible implementation in Latin American countries. The Inter-American Development Bank works to improve the quality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean. Helping to improve health, education and infrastructure through financial and technical support to countries
  • IMG_20171129_122856-1024x516.jpg

    Meeting with Carlos Marmolejo (CONSAR, México)

    The vice president of operations of the National Commission of the Savings System for Retirement (Consar) of Mexico, Carlos Marmolejo, visited Zaragoza this week to meet innovative savings initiatives such as the one of Pensumo. This pension expert is convinced that private savings will be gaining ground in forced march in most countries.
  • arame-1024x607.jpg

    Diffusion breakfast at Arame

    Under the topic “Will Google pay our pensions?” JOSE LUIS ORÓS and JUAN ROLLO has given a talk at the breakfast organized by the association ARAME (Aragonese Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals) explaining the current situation of pensions in Spain and how the model proposed by PENSUMO helps citizens to achieve a more economically
  • zaragoza-vivienda-768x1024.jpg

    Housing and consumption pension

    Zaragoza Vivienda, the Zaragoza Municipal Society that manages the Municipal action related to urban rehabilitation, housing and other buildings, has hosted a talk on the Pensumo project and its benefits for citizens.  
  • french-lang-1024x768.jpg

    Pensumo website now in French

    Pensumo website is now available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and French. Last one is the most recent addition. 274 million people use French as their official or communication language and a large number of international organisations use it as their working language.
  • mazo-legal-1024x600.jpg

    REGULATION (EU) 2016/679

  • insurtech-unconference-2017-1024x563.jpg

    Insurtech Unconference 2017

    In this event, the CEOs or founders of the most innovative InsurTech startups operating in Spain have met, in order to build the ecosystem in a collaborative way among the sector’s leading players and foster collaborations through specialized networking. José Luis Orós shared with the audience the progress of PENSUMO in Latin America and his
  • vi-foro-internacional-de-las-pensiones-1024x512.jpg

    Pensumo in the VI International Pensions Forum

    Pensumo prepares its assistance for the VI International Pensions Forum to be held in Mexico City the next week, under the topic “Poverty in old age”. News: https://goo.gl/rkWz8q
  • talentic-pensumo.jpg

    Pensumo speech at Talentic 2017

    Nacho Forastieri, CMO of Pensumo, has participated in the Talentic 2017 event. His intervention has transfer to young people skills necessary to initiate new projects related to technology and transferring the evolution of Pensumo from the idea to the business model.
  • DKV4bjlWsAAUl4s-1024x575.jpg

    Jonathan Stordy and innovation startups meetup

    Last Friday, Jonathan Stordy (CEO from AGORA Group) met with entrepreneurs from some of the companies housed in the CIEM  building to share with them concerns about innovation and business development. Pensumo was present at the meeting providing its perspective of technology and social economic protection.
  • DKUlfbrXcAADIcm-1024x768.jpg

    Pensumo at INNOLAB

    Jose Luis Orós went to the INNOLAB center in Bilbao to present Pensumo to some investors. Attendees were very interested in the process of loyalty and about the corporate social responsibility that this project contributes. New collaborations will be able to leave this meeting to reinforce the presence of Pensumo in the north of Spain.
  • Logotipo-Asociacion-Fintech-846x547.jpg

    New partnership agreement with AEFI

    Pensumo and AEFI (Spanish Association of FinTech and InsurTech) join forces in their common search for technological innovation in the field of insurance and the economy. Through a new agreement, Pensumo will collaborate with AEFI in the provision of services that help the association to continue working with its members in the achievement of new technological
  • 1024px_The-European-Union-Flag-1024x640.jpg

    Deliverable 1 submitted

    Two months after the start of the second phase of Horizon 2020, the first deliverable has been submitted to the European Commission. The advance in the technological development that Pensumo has carried out, allows the platform to be more solid and reliable.
  • red-cantabria.jpg

    Agreement with Red Cantabria

    Pensumo has established an agreement with Red Cantabria to include its gas stations into Pensumo Savings Points network. In this way, users in the north of Spain can already save in their Pensumo account when they refuel their vehicles.
  • mcarmen.jpg

    Mary Carmen joins the team

    Among the activities contemplated in work packages 4, 5 and 6, Mary Carmen is involved in communication between users, media and retailers.
  • 1024px_businessman-and-businesswoman-shaking-hands-in-PWJ6DCJ-1024x682.jpg

    Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

    As of 23/08/2017, the loyalty platform Pensumo S.L. Has been registered and accepted on the Erasmus portal for young entrepreneurs. The “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program was funded by the European Commission and operates in 37 countries with the help of local contact points, whose job it is to support companies (eg chambers of commerce,
  • IBM-PartnerWorld-684x500.jpg

    Pensumo is an "IBM PartnerWorld”

  • antonio.jpg

    New team member

    We have already started the relationship between Pensumo and the retail business. Antonio is the latest addition to the team, working hand in hand with retailers.
  • 6105085-1024x684.jpg

    Pensumo conference for CSR students

    Conference for students of the expert title in Corporate Social Responsibility of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zaragoza.
  • buenos-dias-aragon.jpg

    Pensumo in the radio

  • Screenshot-web.jpg

    Restyling web development

    Pensumo is updating his website with an improvement of usability, message content and target destination. Graphic design has been rebuilded with a new interface, more affordable and intuitive than the old version.
  • lang.jpg

    Multilingual options added to web

    Our new web in development has implemented the multilingual system.
  • pensumo-team-july-1024x683.jpg

    Team meeting and project management

    At the meeting of the Pensumo team, we evaluated the development of the project during the first 3 weeks.
  • crm-code-1024x682.jpg

    Improving platform actions

    We are starting to work in the Work Package 1. Our team is improving CRM system and updating the official web site for a better user experience.
  • tesis-matteo.jpg

    Thesis presented by the student Matteo Crovetto

  • 2017_0728_11092500-01-1024x682.jpg

    New members joining the team

    We are very proud to start the H2020 project with 3 new members in our team. Alberto, Alicia and David will improve our CMR system, the APP, the web, and the resource management.
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