Ibercaja experiences the uses of the Pensumo platform, which allows saving for retirement through consumption

Ibercaja, the fintech Pensumo, and the General Secretariat of the Treasury and International Financing and the General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions, -both attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation-, have signed the protocol to start the trial period of the platform ‘Consumption Pension System’, which links user purchases with retirement savings. ‘System Pension for Consumption’, promoted by Pensumo, is one of the eighteen proposals selected, out of a total of sixty-seven submitted to the financial Sandbox project, of the General Secretariat of the Treasury and International Financing.

The Financial Sandbox is a test space that is intended for the experimentation, evolution and improvement of new business models that pursue innovation and disruption of the financial system in Spain. The purpose of the ‘Consumption Pension System’ project is to link savings for retirement with consumption, redirecting the economic flows generated by the daily lifestyle towards future pensions, with the possibility of reinforcing it with voluntary savings.


For this, a digital service has been created based on the Open Banking philosophy, with the possibility of being available in a new mobile application, in electronic commerce systems or in the Ibercaja app itself, as reported by this entity in a note press. The initiative aims to “modify, in a disruptive way, the mechanisms that have been established up to now for contributions destined for future savings, promoting and linking this savings to the payment” that is made in participating businesses and discounts offered. It is also complemented with regular savings contributions that users can program through the application, amounts contributed by the service itself for consumption in non-affiliated businesses, as well as amounts stipulated when overcoming certain challenges.

The Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy of Ibercaja, Nacho Torre, highlighted that «we are firmly committed to the need to promote savings for the future and the Sandbox offers us, in this testing phase, an excellent opportunity to create a tool that facilitate it and offer alternatives that are available to most people. For his part, the director of Pensumo, José Luis Orós Pineda, has underlined that “our savings model, with the simple technology of the mobile phone, is an element of empowerment for the consumer, who will be able to make every day, in each purchase, decisions on his consumption and on pension; and perhaps in the near future on the destination of your taxes, for example”.

The total duration of the tests will be seven and a half months and will be developed in two different phases, which will have a total of 500 users, all of them Ibercaja clients. During this time, the first version of the evolved application will be launched, with prior testing and computer development of its functionalities.



AliciaIbercaja experiences the uses of the Pensumo platform, which allows saving for retirement through consumption