The Consumption Pension is making its way through Spain through Pensumo and its participation in the Spanish financial Sandbox. In addition to the contribution of great experts on the subject such as José Antonio Herce and other entities that are pioneering the subject such as Ibercaja. However, the Consumption Pension is also expanding in other parts of the world, such as the already mentioned famous case of China and its “Consumption Pensions”.

There has recently been an update on this government project, now two more projects will be added where consumption is the protagonist to boost Pensions:

-Investment of pension consumption: refers to investing pension funds in financial products with a certain level of risk, providing deposit and withdrawal services and endowing assets with doubled fund yields, in order to obtain better capital yields and use them as a future.

-Consumer endowment insurance: The consumer’s own insurance expense (home, life, car, non-payment…). These expenses are invested in low-risk investment funds to obtain weekly optimal returns that the pensioner can redeem each week if they wish, or save it in the long term if they are not yet a pensioner. These savings programs are already underway for Chinese citizens since April this year. The PCPC is also expected to invest the savings generated from the Consumer Pensions to revitalize the taxation of people who use the Consumer Pension system for free, always in a stable, controlled and insured manner so that the consumer never lose money unless you prefer riskier investment systems.