Pensumo at XVIII FIAP International in Madrid

Pensumo was present on October 28, 2021 at the Westen Palace in Madrid, with the representation of José Luis Orós Pineda as a speaker at the XVIII FIAP International where he spoke about The pension through consumption applied today.

FIAP is the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators, FIAP, it is an international entity, established in Uruguay, that brings together trade associations and entities that administer pension funds from 15 countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Chile , Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ukraine and Uruguay). Its objective is to collaborate in the improvement and consolidation of private pension systems in order to offer the best possible pension to workers, within a financially sustainable system. To do this, it seeks to be a meeting place for the exchange of experiences between countries that have adopted pension systems for individual capitalization of savings and in their private administration, providing information and support in improving their systems.

Jose Luis was also interviewed by CNN de Chile on October 27 with the title: App allows saving for the pension via consumption: “Let us grant the right to save for those who cannot do so now. Anyone who consumes every day should be a beneficiary of his Consumption Pension ». Jose Luis Orós Pineda

AliciaPensumo at XVIII FIAP International in Madrid