Pensumo en Zaragoza, the indoor ‘smart city’ that gives wings to ‘startups’

Pensumo appears in this BBVA article as an example of one of the most representative startups in Zaragoza. Noting us as one of the most successful companies inside and outside of Spain.

There are also relevant initiatives in the ‘fintech’ and ‘insurtech’ field, such as Pensumo. The vision of this ‘startup’ stems from an apparent contradiction: saving by spending. Its ‘app’ allows you to generate small contributions to a savings plan of the Allianz insurer thanks to purchases in establishments. “The next step is to develop an API [set of functions that allow communication between two systems] and connect with any other financial entity that wants to send the consumption pension to its users”, explains the director of Pensumo, José Luis Orós. His initiative, which has received support from the European Union, has agreed to the first call of the Spanish regulatory ‘sandbox’, a space that controls tests to deploy innovative projects in financial services. “

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AliciaPensumo en Zaragoza, the indoor ‘smart city’ that gives wings to ‘startups’