Pensumo in a Chinese article from Financial Industry – Zero Touch. New digital financial services.

Pensumo has appeared in an article: Financial industry -Digital edition «Zero-touch» transformation of financial services.

Published on November 10, 2022. It shows several examples of new disruptive digital services in finance. Among them is Pensumo.

Paragraph of the translated article:

«Regarding social well-being, we can find the Spanish start-up Pensumo (word composed of Pension + consumption) combining consumption and preparation for retirement. Pensumo was founded in 2013 when Spain’s unemployment rate reached 26.09%, to help the unemployed in their retirement planning and for those who do not qualify for their pension, Pensumo partners with Allianz to launch an exclusive retirement plan individual savings for residents in Spain. Users just need to go to Pensumo official website to inquire about the associated online and offline merchants, where they shop and receive 2~3% cash back after review. The reward varies depending on the agreement between the merchant and Pensumo. Users not only buy, they also carry out recycling, cultural consumption, road safety, volunteering and other activities. They can also register through the mobile app and earn a reward. Act as a “responsible citizen” to save for the future. Precisely, these actions urge all of society to move towards a sustainable and responsible society. Responsibility and business ethics also define Pensumo. The platform can be implemented for use by other companies as a savings model for their employees. This becomes the content of corporate responsibility for companies while taking care of employees. The company may reward employee voluntary corporate actions, such as joint company events, commutes, or complete attendance. Pensumo incentive payments become a preparation for employee retirement along with other savings services.”

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AliciaPensumo in a Chinese article from Financial Industry – Zero Touch. New digital financial services.