Presentation of the book “Pension plans for consumption and the future of the pensions”

Pensumo, pioneer fintech in Spain in offering a system of personal savings for retirement through consumption, it has today presented some formulas to address the crisis of the pension system: a sustained and concerted action of all individuals through consumption

In this sense, José Luís Orós, CEO and founder of Pensumo, explained during the presentation of the study Consumer Pension Plans and the future of pensions that “pensions as we know them today have their days counted. The ‘magic’ in the world of pensions will consist in transforming all types of resources used throughout a lifetime into future income (labor, intellectual, social, etc)”. This theory is put into practice with the personal technology with which we live, because simply with a smartphone we will be able to accurately measure all the resources used.

Tecnopensiones, a solution to the current pension system

Pensumo, beneficiary of the Social Innovation project of the European Commission’s HORIZON 2020 Program, considers that the 21st century individual lives interconnected and generates information continuously. Products and services tend to be shared rather than bought and production processes do not generate waste for disposal, but raw material for reuse. In other words, we are moving towards a circular economy in all areas, including pensions or techno pensions.

In this context, innovative and pioneering solutions emerge in the Spanish market, such as Pensumo, which provides a simple means for people to increase their savings through daily purchases and socially responsible actions. “It provides a complementary solution to a universal problem such as the lack of savings capacity: of each purchase made by the user, a percentage given by the merchant is allocated to his pension in a transparent, redeemable and guaranteed savings plan“, explain the company.

PensumoPresentation of the book “Pension plans for consumption and the future of the pensions”