The Ministry of Industry recognizes Pensumo for its contributions to the management of retail trade

The company Pensumo Loyalty Platform has achieved a new recognition, in this case from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain through the IV Contest of Technological Ideas for Retail Trade, for its contributions to the management of the dual channel in retail.

The initiative “Bono de Pensumo” presented by the Project Manager Alicia Orós, has been awarded an honorable mention in the category of “ideas aimed at the modernization of companies that manage two channels: the face-to-face channel and the online channel for market their products.

The Pensumo project started in 2013 with a pilot in the town of Borja (Zaragoza), has been supported from 2017 to 2019 by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Innovation Program and is currently carrying out tests related to the Consumption Pension in the Sandbox environment Ministry of Economy, in alliance with Ibercaja Banco, with the purpose of generalizing a “Fourth Pillar of Pensions” that complements and reinforces the Spanish Social Welfare System.

The Pensumo Bonus is a projected line in which users will prepay their estimated monthly consumption, make purchases through a Visa-type card and accumulate pension in a long-term savings product. The card is partially recharged with the discounts of the shops participating in the initiative. The link between daily consumption and future pension is a concept that since Pensumo launched it in 2013, has been spreading in various parts of the world, mainly in China, where there is already a government regulator that manages “standardized pension plans for consumption” and in which thousands of businesses and millions of users participate.

There are also private consumption pension initiatives in Mexico, and recently in Turkey. In addition, a bill in Peru and fiscal impact studies in Chile and Uruguay. The recognitions of this contest of Technological Ideas for Retail Trade will be delivered next April 20 in Logroño.

AliciaThe Ministry of Industry recognizes Pensumo for its contributions to the management of retail trade