Work packages

In order to reach our technical and commercial objectives, the project will have a duration of 24 months and it will be composed of 7 different Work Packages, with their corresponding deliverables and milestones.

During the first year of the project we will be focused on the technical improvements of the current platform, while the second year will be more heavily centred on dissemination, partnering and pre-commercial activities. The project can therefore be separated into 2 different 1 yearlong stages, following the main priorities at each moment:

  1. Technical preparation stage (months 1-12) and
  2. Commercial preparation stage (months 13-24).


In this Work Package, we aim to adapt our current system for a platform capable of covering up to 100.000 users, 5.000 stores and the corresponding 15.000 daily transactions. This will include the installation of an OCR system to automatically process purchase tickets and activity pictures, the integration of CRM tools and a complete PENSUMO website modernization, including restyling, responsiveness and advanced social media interaction.

Description of Work

Task 1.1 – OCR Module – Months 2-7 – Task Leader: Jesús Sanz – Subtask 1.1.1: The analysis and specification of the custom OCR module will be subcontracted to ITA, in order for them to focus on the functional requirements and the available options with the best value for money. Subtask 1.1.2: The integration of the OCR module into the current system will be performed by PENSUMO. ITA will guide PENSUMO through the whole process, from the selection, roadmap and architecture definition of the OCR module to its final deployment. The OCR system will be implemented into our current processing flow in order to facilitate automated recognition and processing for at least 90% of user tickets. This will allow us to concentrate our manual controls on the remaining 10%, focusing our attention and resources to avoid fraud attempts.

Task 1.2 – WEB – Months 1-2 – Task Leader: Jesús Sanz – The website will be completely restyled and translated into English, French, Portuguese and Italian. We will focus our attention on interface responsiveness and especially sensitive areas that require user interaction, from either the consumers or clients. The signing up process will be accelerated so that 1) consumers can sign up to PENSUMO in less than 2 minutes and 2) stores can complete the process in less than 48 hours, including reception of promotional material. Real-time balance comparisons between PENSUMO and the chosen insurer will be added along with one-click data export tools (excel and PDF) for users and stores. We will add a feature share on social media Civic Responsibility actions and another to automatically sign in on PENSUMO using social media access data.

Task 1.3 – CRM – Months 6-7 – Task Leader: Jesús Sanz – Using our current in-house developed CRM engine, we will create a new management panel with access to our entire databases, which will allow our team to 1) offer customer support 2) perform general data management tasks and 3) manage invoices and receipts from stores. The CRM panel will have 4 levels of access, one for each one of the previous tasks, and a general administrator with full access.

Task 1.4 – Technical Coordination – Months 1-7 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – Considering their proven experience in the concerned fields, this coordination task will be subcontracted to ITA in order to handle the allocation of the technical team and the assembly of the different technical components in the most practical way. The task will cover PENSUMO System Analysis and Design, PENSUMO System Architecture Definition, testing process definition and final deployment of the finished solutions.


This Work Package will be aimed at setting the necessary basis for the implementation of Big Data analysis once our user and transaction volume reaches a critical mass of more than 10 million transactions per year by 2020. With the information that will be extracted from the Big Data analysis, our platform will be able to offer valuable commercial feedback on consumer behaviour to interested third parties, and so ensure an additional source of income that will cover up to 20% of our total revenue streams. The system will be developed using ITA’s moriarty® framework for advanced data analytics solutions. This system provides the means to address the key areas of concern in the scope of Big Data, from the identification of hidden patterns and correlations to the processing and structuration of large amounts of information. Its capacity to use advanced semantic analysis techniques gives it a differentiating edge for our project. The development tasks for the entire Work Package will be subcontracted to ITA, while the Work Package management and supervision activities will be headed by PENSUMO staff.

Description of Work

Task 2.1 – Analysis and Definition of business lines and Big Data Architecture Design in cloud – Months 8-10 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – The first task of this Work package will cover the necessary definition of at least 3 essential business use cases for PENSUMO (e.g. “consumer profiling”). Based on these pre-requirements, we will specify the complete system architecture of PENSUMO’s analytics module and determine the exact deployment roadmap.

Task 2.2 – Domain Language Consultancy – Months 8-10 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós. At the same time, we will also perform the specification of the domain language and the keyword dictionaries in order to be able to find the correct paths to adequately interpret the information patterns coming from the PENSUMO transactions.

Task 2.3 – Data Collection and Semantic Representation – Months 10-12 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós. Once the System Architecture defined, we will focus on the identification of the different data collection sources, semantic representation of the methods and models for appropriate data storage.

Task 2.4 – Algorithm development for data analysis – Months 10-16 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós. This task will target the main development tasks for the aforementioned components, like the “consumer profiling” from the collected data of products, services and brands consumed by the user. This will be performed following advanced algorithms and models for data mining, such as deep learning and clustering. Privacy and security measures will also be covered during this task. The first Proof-Of-Concept tests for the data interpretation will stored in the system. Task 2.5 – Web services and GUI generation – Months 12-16 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós. This task will cover the development of the final Front-End interface that will allow PENSUMO corporate clients to seamlessly visualize the information extracted from the Big Data analysis.


We will design and create new hardware as well as other user guidance material that will help attract the attention of consumers for the replication study (WP5) and improve our visibility in strategic locations with high density of potential users. The goal is to prepare up to 20 prototypes, with 4 different approaches and compare their impact on the potential end user.

Description of Work

Task 3.1 – Display Design – Months 9-18 – Task Leader: Nacho Forastieri – Design, development and creation of 20 prototypes for new displays with touch sensitive flat screens showing PENSUMO videos, demos and simulations. These displays will also provide an access point for users to consult their data in real-time, on top of a sign-up function in less than 3 clicks. The industrial creation of these prototypes will be performed by an external company (Global Display).

Task 3.2 – Training for stores – Months 9-18 – Task Leader: Nacho Forastieri – Training material, such as brochures, flyers, manuals, in addition to tutorial videos will be created for PENSUMO participant stores in order to familiarize store employees with the concept and provide all needed clarifications regarding PENSUMO’s displays, operating instructions and website.


With this Work Package, we will update and coordinate our detailed commercial strategy, in order to 1) to adjust it to our large scale partnerships with up to 8 different groups in the retail (4) and insurance (4) sector and 2) set common targets for 10 publications, 1 study and other activities together with our current partners.

Description of Work

Task 4.1 – Communication Plan Update – Month 8-9 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – Our current plan will be updated to include our commercial and advertising strategy and forecasts with large distributors and insurance groups, setting a target of reaching at least 4 large distributor chains and 4 large insurers as partners by the end of the project.

Task 4.2 – Actions coordinated with Grupo Zeta – Month 18-24 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – Release of at least 10 different articles and special publications in different Grupo Zeta newspapers/magazines as a part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness for the current pension situation, showcasing PENSUMO’s unique solution in the market.

Task 4.3 – Actions coordinated with Allianz – Month 18-24 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – Through Allianz communication channels, we want to offer Allianz customers a starting knowledge about the Saving Plans by consumption. Channels will include marketing email, videos or non-commercial seasonal campaigns, and we are setting a target of reaching at least 300.000 of their users. The main slogan behind this campaign will be: “Measure to recognize, manage and reward”. In addition to this, we will also conduct workshops with Allianz to calibrate the channel and package strategy for the PENSUMO online sales catalog.

Task 4.4 – Financial Assessment and Strategic Growth Planning – Month 18-24 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – PENSUMO will subcontract to firm Toro Ventures an in-depth financial and strategic assessment to capitalize on our expansion. Through the analysis of financials, projections and impact of market/industry drivers on the business model, Toro Ventures will coordinate with PENSUMO the implementation of a growth plan. Several scenarios will be presented, containing diverse risk analyses and mitigation plans. Toro Ventures will prepare an investment package for investors and funds in the UK and Israel, having as final objective the commercial expansion of PENSUMO.


Update our market research in order to take into account and replicate our current strategy in Spain and adjust it to our expansion plan involving all new markets and countries we aim to cover in our first stage after the project: Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Romania, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. The study will cover the data extracted from 20 different point of sales with an expected volume of 5.000 different users and more than 30.000 transactions over 4 months.

Description of Work

Task 5.1 – Market and Legal Research Update – Month 10-21 – Task Leader: Roberto L. Ferrer Serrano – We will update the current market research to include specific characteristics for all the considered expansion countries, including size, penetration strategies, partnership prospects, operational risks and legal requirements, especially regarding data protection. All legal aspects of the study will be covered by PENSUMO’s legal expert, with ample knowledge of data protection requirements in the EU and LATAM.

Task 5.2 – Study based on store display data – Month 22-24 – Task Leader – Nacho Forastieri – We will conduct a study based on the results collected from the first 4 months of results from the new display hardware from WP3 installed in 20 different locations, with more than 30.000 transactions from 5.000 different users.


This Work Package will cover all activities involving optimization of PENSUMO’s public awareness campaign. The goal is to promote savings plans by consumption and to position PENSUMO as its main reference, consolidating our leading status to be able to take full advantage of the market first mover factor. This will be achieved by 1) attending congresses and conventions, 2) updating and adjusting our dissemination strategy using feedback from the previous Work Packages, 3) publishing material (books, articles) on the subject of savings plans by consumption 4) joint partnering with interested third parties, 5) performing knowledge management procedures to secure our pool of expertise 6) monitoring eventual technological breakthroughs that could potentially help us increase our impact.

Description of Work

Task 6.1 – First Congress for Consumption Savings Plans – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – Preparation, organization and attendance to specialized congresses on consumption and savings plans.

Task 6.2 – Commercialization Plan Update – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: Nacho Forastieri – Our dissemination plan will be updated and adapted taking into account the results and lessons of our ongoing studies, surveys and market tests, along with the legal and market conclusions from our replication studies for the targeted expansion countries.

Task 6.3 – Book Publication – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – Release of book titled “Planes de Ahorro por Consumo, el futuro de las pensiones” (Saving plans by consumption, the future of pensions) in the Latin American and Spanish market. This book will contain the entire research and comparisons we have achieved during the last 3 years and will feature contributions from leading scholars in the field, such as Juan Royo Abenia and Roberto L. Ferrer.

Task 6.4 – Partnering efforts – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: Nacho Forastieri – Continuing process to deliver at least 15 partners in the insurance, large distribution, publishing, media and technological sector.

Task 6.5 – IPR and Knowledge management – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: Roberto L. Ferrer Serrano – Execute knowledge management procedures, such as getting NDAs with employees, internal invention disclosure procedures, trademarking, copyright registration or database rights.

Task 6.6 – Technology Watch – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: Jesús Sanz – Monitoring of technology and innovative solutions used by competitors, as well as regulatory and technical environment


This work package includes all project management and supervision activities, as well as complete progress and risk reporting, team coordination and project documentation. It will control priorities on both a technical commercial level and resolve conflicts between activities at every stage of the project. Its purpose is to ensure efficient project progress and to make sure that all the project’s objectives are completely met. The Work Package responsibilities and workload will be shared between PENSUMO’s board (CEO, CMO, CTO and CFO) with the final decision always being in the hands of CEO José Luis Orós.

Description of Work

Task 7.1: General Project Management – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – The efficiency and task progress will be handled following our current guidelines and protocols, using our current methodology based on Scrum Agile. Task responsibilities include: Control of resources and capacity, risk evaluation and management, progress reporting, adherence to budget, subcontractor management, S-Curve analysis and quality supervision. The workload will be distributed equally among the 4 different board members (CEO, CFO, CMO and CTO)

Task 7.2 Team Coordination – Month 1-24 – Task Leader: José Luis Orós – Being a structurally diverse project, with both strong technical and commercial aspects, we will need a coherent and organised team management to ensure optimal synergies and collaboration between the different teams and Work Packages. This task will be centralized by PENSUMO CEO José Luis Orós.

  1. Realization of the proposal should be conditioned on proper elaboration (and assurance of adherence to EU standards) of:a) personal data protection in the LATA countries
    b) personal data protection in the Big Data Analytics Platform
    c) personal data movement / access between EU and LATA countriesSpecifically, detailed information must be provided on the procedures that will be implemented for data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction; and include confirmation that they comply with national and EU legislation(s). Furthermore, issues concerning use of data in the case of global expansion have to be clarified.
  2. Two month after the position of a Data Protection Officer is established (M4 the latest), comprehensive Data Management Plan covering data collection, processing and long-term persistence (within EU and worldwide) should be submitted to the Project Officer, representing the EC for checking.
  3. The Data Management Plan shall describe, in detail, access of data from third parties that (i) will co-develop the proposed platform; (e.g. ITA as subcontractor in WP2, T2.1), and (ii) will use results from Big Data Analytics. In the earlier case, details concerning what data will be made available to the subcontractor for performing the developments (real or dummy/synthetic) shall be fully explained. In the latter case, data protection mechanisms and procedures should be elaborated in detail.

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This project has received funding from the  European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 766521

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